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White Free-Form Baroque Pearl Bracelet

Form Baroque Pearl

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  • True baroque elegance. Crafted from hand selected naturally baroque pearls, these chunky pearls are treasured for their 100% solid nacre, unique free-form shapes, lustrous surfaces and flashes of iridescence (aka orient, the rarest of pearl characteristics).
  • A HinsonGayle Extreme Baroque Collection design. Bracelet is approximately 7.5 inches long. Finished with a premium handpolished 14K gold double-safety ball clasp for a secure fit.
  • The quintessential eco-friendly gift; HinsonGayle's 100% recycled content gift box will impress her while making a minimal impact on the environment. Please recycle! Includes a cloth pouch to store and protect your HinsonGayle pearls for generations to come.
  • HinsonGayle is a Designer Member of the Cultured Pearl Association of America. We passionately create the most fashion-forward designs with impeccable craftsmanship at exceptional prices. Our gorgeous jewelry is handcrafted from rare and premium pearls that our founder meticulously selects in pearl farming regions. As a small business that cares about our customers, HinsonGayle consistently receives top marks for customer service. If you have an order issue, we promise to make it right.
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Form Baroque Pearl

Product Description
This elegant pearl bracelet is fashioned from large free-form baroque pearls that represent the crème de la crème of the recent baroque pearl harvest. These eye-catching freshwater baroque pearls are treasured for their unique and irregular shapes, as no two are exactly alike. Unlike South Sea baroque pearls, these freshwater free-form baroque pearls are 100% nacre and do not have a nucleus at their core. Their baroque shapes formed naturally in the shell, thus they are called free-form baroque. Each pearl is unique in form, adding a layer of complexity to the design. Each pearl on the strand was hand selected for its beautiful white body color, compelling overtones, brilliant luster, and surface iridescence (aka orient, the rarest of pearl value characteristics). The pearls are individually knotted on fine Japanese thread by our top-skilled artisan and the bracelet is finished with a premium handpolished 14K gold double-safety clasp. Make it a set with one of our princess length free-form baroque pearl necklaces in 14K gold (design FN6WH10F-Y18). Or for the ultimate baroque pearl statement necklace, select our extended-length pearl rope (design FR6WH10F-X65).

Form Baroque Pearl

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Customer Review
Beautiful pearls. By pam

The pearls are very lustrous and well matched as to size and approximate shape, but each pearl is different from each of the others. They are all quite white, with a rainbow-effect orient. The clasp is a substantial, good quality ball clasp with a safety. Would definitely recommend this item.

I 've purchased several items from this seller and each has exceeded my expectations.


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