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Alberian & Aulde "Constellation" MoonStone Jupiter Ring

Stone Jupiter Ring

  • 14k rose gold setting in satin finish and black rhodium plated sterling silver band in high polish
  • Gold logo is inlaid into silver band
  • Natural moonstone may have inclusions which are individual to the gem
  • A flannel bag is provided to safely store the ring
  • Domestic 
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Stone Jupiter Ring

Product Description

Mary Aulde and Warren Alberian see their jewelry as an extension of the woman who wears it. They create innovative classics which are comfortable for continuous wear and communicate an authentic richness and sensuality.

The hand carved contours of each design enable the light to flow to subtle advantage along the body. The profile and proportions of each piece are meticulously scaled to the body such that they appear to resonate from within. Rose cut gemstones add a joyful spontaneity with a dynamic interplay of luminosity and sparkle. Versatility and adjustable wearing options maximize self customization and are hallmark traits of their work.

The collaborative pair has crystallized a singular vision which celebrates the inherent beauty, intelligence and magnetism of the feminine spirit. They passionately strive to provide women with jewelry that reflects their uniqueness and radiates their presence.

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Customer Review
beautiful ring, By trudec

I love this ring, beautifully made, the moonstones change with the day, a ring that reflects me in it. I get many compliments on it.
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